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Discover the charming Casalamadonna property in its authentic and peaceful setting by the sea

Discover the charming Casalamadonna property in its authentic and peaceful setting by the sea

The Moriani region and its surroundings

Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, the Costa Verde is a very popular region with holidaymakers.

Moriani beach is a seaside resort which is located just 1.2 km from Casalamadonna.

It offers a multitude of activities each with its own expertise and a varied landscape, everyone is bound to find something to please them.

Its 20 km coastline of fine sand will seduce lovers of the ​​Corsican crystal clear waters.


On Moriani beach (supervised), "Aquaparc" and its nautical base is dedicated to water-sports and activities – pedalos, towed buoys, windsurfing, paddle boards...


Close to Casalamadonna (150m ) you will also find a play area with slide, football pitch, basketball court and a petanque ground.


2 km from Casalamadonna

Les Brises des Mers, a beach bar-restaurant and jet-ski rental.

Less than a kilometre away is an open-air cinema for movie-buffs.


Bicycle, mountain-bike and motorbike rental 1km from Casalamadonna.


For tennis lovers, a club is located just 250m from the town centre of Moriani.


Padulella park, a 5-hectare recreational ground, is 300m from the resort, here you’ll discover a walking circuit, children's play area, a fitness trail and an open-air theatre.


For those who love thrills, paragliding, “Cim’Ale” in Cervione.

“Costa Verde Loisirs” for boat rental and scuba diving

Parc Galea, a digital museum, made up of 9 hectares of gardens and exhibition halls on the history of Corsica. Workshops for young and old as well as themed conferences…

"Tra mare e monti" between the sea and the mountains, Corsica is well-known for its maquis and its magnificent beaches but it is also worth making the trip over for a winter escapade.

Horseback riding (both in summer and winter) and hiking are both on the agenda for a guided tour of some old villages and Corsican mountain passes (Fiuminale pass, San Mamiliano pass, Scupiccia, Saint Barthélémy pass, etc.)

There’s also, snow-shoeing and downhill skiing in the resorts of Ghisoni, Vergio, Val d'Ese and Asco.

Hiking maps are available from the Costa Verde Tourist Office (located in the town centre of Moriani-Plage).


Spend an enjoyable time with your family picking beautiful fresh chestnuts during a short walk in the mountains


You’ll appreciate the beauty of the Corsican rivers and beautiful waterfalls. A few kilometres away, you can take a walk along the river known as The Bridge of Hell, and catch a glimpse of the San Nicolao waterfall.


A must-see, just before Solenzara, the River Bavella with its clear water, and not forgetting a visit to the “Aiguilles de Bavella” - rocky cliffs and pine trees which dominate the whole valley.


And for the more curious, visit the villages of the Costa Verde.

The closest being Poggio Mezzana and its church of Saint John the Baptist, Talasani, Pero-Casevecchie, Velone Orneto...each with its own unique history.

In Cervione, you can visit Saint Erasmus church, the ADECEC museum and the magnificent convent of St François.

For rest and relaxation, "Riva Bella thalasso and spa" will pamper you.


Aléria and Corte museums are places dedicated to the history of Corsica.


Take the time to meet local artisans and producers.

Listen to traditional Corsican songs, take part in a village dance where the rhythm of the summer hits will have you up on your feet until late into the night.


For the foodies amongst you, Corsican cuisine invites you to its table.

Some of our favourite restaurants : U Fragnu, A Mandria, les Arbousiers, U Catagnu, A l’Abri des Flots, le Flibustier.

The  region

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The Most Beautiful Beaches of Corsica A Mediterranean Eden to Discover

Corsica, the jewel of the Mediterranean, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, a perfect blend of majestic mountains and crystalline waters. But what undeniably adds to the charm of the Isle of Beauty are its paradisiacal beaches, among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. With a coastline stretching for hundreds of kilometers, Corsica offers a variety of beaches and secret coves, from stretches of white sand bordered by turquoise water to wild nooks nestled between rocks. Here is a selection of Corsica's most beautiful beaches, essential destinations for lovers of the sea and the sun.

Palombaggia A Living Postcard

Located near Porto-Vecchio, Palombaggia beach is a natural spectacle, often described as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Its fine, white sand, translucent and shallow waters, and welcoming umbrella pines make it a favorite spot for families and photographers. This emblematic Corsican beach is a haven of peace where time seems to stand still, allowing everyone to recharge and marvel at the striking beauty of nature.

Santa Giulia Beach An Oasis of Beauty in the South of Corsica

Santa Giulia Beach is a marvel located in the south of Corsica, known for its turquoise waters and flour-like white sand. This little slice of paradise, framed by rocky hills and lush vegetation, is often compared to the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. The shallow lagoon of Santa Giulia is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, offering a colorful display of underwater fauna and flora. The infrastructure around the beach is well-developed, featuring beachfront restaurants and bars, as well as water sports equipment rental. Santa Giulia is the ideal place for those seeking a relaxing beach with entertainment options at their fingertips, all set in a breathtakingly beautiful environment.

Tamaricciu Preserved Natural Beauty

Close to Palombaggia, Tamaricciu beach offers a similar setting, with perhaps a bit more privacy. Surrounded by a pine forest and pink granite rocks, this beach is a little piece of paradise where one can escape from the crowds. The clear water and soft sand make Tamaricciu the perfect place for an absolute day of relaxation.

Saleccia A Jewel in the Heart of the Agriates Desert

Accessible only by boat or via a dirt path from the Agriates Desert, Saleccia Beach is a hidden treasure of Corsica. This wild stretch of white sand, bordered by a deep blue sea and surrounded by unspoiled nature, is a haven for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of busier beaches. Saleccia is an invitation to adventure, offering a unique beach experience in Corsica, in an almost untouched environment.

Lotu and Saleccia The Twins of the Agriates

The beaches of Lotu and Saleccia, located in the Agriates Desert, are often mentioned together for their wild beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Accessible by hiking trails or by boat, these beaches offer an idyllic setting for relaxing and communing with nature. The white sand, turquoise waters, and dense maquis that surround them create a landscape of raw and captivating beauty.

Rondinara Perfect Symmetry

Situated between Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio lies Rondinara Beach, recognizable for its almost perfect shell shape. This natural gem, framed by green hills, guarantees calm and clear water, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Rondinara Beach is a wonder for the eyes and the soul, where water and sky blend in an infinite palette of blues.

Calvi Beach A Sand Haven at the Foot of the Citadel

Calvi Beach, a true gem of the northwest coast of Corsica, is a must-visit for anyone on the island. Stretching for nearly 6 kilometers, this vast expanse of fine sand offers an exceptional panorama of Calvi Bay and its famous citadel. The shallow and crystal-clear waters make it ideal for families with children, while its proximity to the town ensures easy access to all amenities. Calvi Beach is also the starting point for numerous water sports, providing a playground like no other for marine sports enthusiasts. With its beautiful setting, surrounded by green mountains and the azure blue sea, Calvi Beach is a constant invitation to relaxation and sensory enjoyment.

Cupabia Beach A Hidden Treasure Between Sea and Maquis

Located on the west of Corsica, Cupabia Beach is a hidden treasure that charms with its wild and preserved ambiance. This beach is nestled at the bottom of a cove, surrounded by hills covered in maquis, offering a spectacular natural setting for a day of relaxation by the water. The clear waters of Cupabia invite snorkeling and exploring the richly populated sea bed, while its fine sand is perfect for those who love to lounge. Less frequented compared to other well-known Corsican beaches, Cupabia is a beautiful escape for those looking to avoid the crowds and reconnect with nature. Its slightly more challenging access enhances its charm and tranquility, making Cupabia a must-visit destination for an authentic Corsican experience.

A Sensory Journey Along Corsican Shores

Corsica is a prime destination for anyone dreaming of fine sand, crystal-clear water, and breathtaking landscapes. Each beach has its own personality and charm, offering visitors a variety of experiences and memories. Whether you're seeking adventure in secret coves, tranquility on stretches of white sand, or simply to marvel at spectacular maritime landscapes, Corsica's beaches await you for an unforgettable sensory journey. Discover Kalliste from the traditional Corsican charming house, an island where the beauty of nature is expressed with rare intensity, and let yourself be enchanted by its paradisiacal shores.


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